Grief Support Gift Boxes for Now & Later

Grief Support Gifts for Now & Later

Help grieving friends make space for rest, create a self-care practice and find opportunities for connection and healing after loss. 

Go beyond the one-time gesture

let's make ripples of Collective care

Send an Upsprout box

The first subscription box designed specifically for grief and loss.

Send carefully curated gift boxes to your loved ones for as long as needed to gently support and affirm the experience of grief.

Upsprout builds connection and strengthens relationships while encouraging healing in community. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're still showing up long after everyone else has disappeared.

Upsprout helps you show care in their time of grief.

Your heart is in the right place!

...natural skin care, delicious snacks with whole, healthy ingredients, inspirational reading, and more! Things that made me feel taken care of during one of the worst times in my life. It truly made a difference.

— joyce

The contents of my box
were amazing!

When you send an Upsprout box, you go beyond the nice gesture to not only affirm the experience of grief but also acknowledge the fact that they aren’t "better" after one month. Even though all of the condolences flow in immediately following a loss, you know that a month later those check-ins stop and they are left alone in our grief.

There's a better way to show care after loss. 

Friends don't let friends grieve alone.

but guess what...

Now & Later Grief Support Boxes


Modern expressions of sympathy for those experiencing tender moments of grief, loss, disappointment, depression, sadness, or disconnection. Acknowledge the lived experiences of your loved ones in real-time with aesthetically pleasing, well-executed, and always appropriate care packages. Deliverd monthly for as long as needed.

Each month, your loved one will receive a carefully curated gift box of 5-7 full sized, high quality items designed to gently support and affirm their experience of grief.

Grief isn't a journey with a quick destination. It's a path that requires time and patience. Our gift boxes provide comfort not just for today, but also for the days ahead. 

What's in the box? Glad you asked!
High-quality, artisanal goods are paired with mindful activities and generative grief support aids. Our themed gift boxes are designed to help grieving hearts make space for rest, create a self-care practice and find opportunities for connection.

We handpick at least one item to serve as a conversation prompt for you. It allows you to follow-up with gentle suggestions such as, “Have you tried the affirmation cards lately?”

The Upsprout Service

Comfort for Today
and Tomorrow

Hand-Picked Thoughtfulness

Recurring kindness

What's in the Box?

Your loved one's journey is unique, and their grief support gift should be too.  You can personalize your gift box to reflect their personality, likes, and unique circumstances. Simply share a few preferences to make it theirs. Favorite color? Coffee vs tea? Chocolate lover? Hates lavendar? Loves candles? Let us know, we aim to make your gift a homerun!

Personalize Your Gift

Make it special

With Upsprout, you get to show care with ease due to the help of your Upsprout Concierge who will curate, package, personalize, and ship your gift box on your behalf.

Supporting a grieving friend or loved one shouldn't feel like an added burden. Our service takes the stress out of finding and delivering a heartfelt sympathy gift. 

Easeful Gifting


Let's get into the details

Consistent emotional support along their unpredictable grief journey.

How does Upsprout support grief?

A tangible reminder that you care about them and their well-being.



Your recipient will receive:

Validation that their emotions are normal and acceptable.


Progressive healing that shifts focus from acute grief to growth over time.


The continuous arrival of new coping activities each month.


Send an Upsprout box

How It Works

Send a Now & Later gift or a One-time condolence that suits your recipient’s circumstance or need. Your gift box(ex) will ship for FREE within 3 days of purchase. 

CHOOSE your plan

When placing your order, share the cause of grief/loss and any other details to help your Upsprout Concierge curate a thoughtful and appropriate gift box. 


Be the reason they smile today. Your recipient will receive their Upsprout Box within 1 to 3 business days from the shipping date.  


"I would have never thought to give someone a subscription box. I decided to try it and it's actually an amazing idea! I feel at ease knowing that am able to be consistent in showing up for my sister, while giving her space as she needs it."


An amazing idea


"[Upsprout] was so helpful & supportive in guiding me through creating the right box for my friend. She received the box and loved it!"


Needed Support


real REviews

"Opened up a beautiful opportunity to send a kind reminder of self-care to my dad"

I am so grateful for Upsprout’s services. After my grandfather passed away, I was worried about my dad’s emotional well-being. UpSprout opened up a beautiful opportunity to send a kind reminder of self-care to my dad with some of his favorite things and introduced him to some new items that he has never seen or used before. Thanks so much UpSprout!


Self-Care for Dad

Word of Mouth

"I bought this for myself after going through a hard time. I am so glad that I did. It brought me a lot of comfort."


A gift for Me

"My friends love it..."

"...and I feel at peace knowing that I am sending something that makes my loved ones feel taken care of, and supported. I've found it tough and sometimes confusing trying to figure out how to best show up for people who are going through the most vulnerable and painful times, Upsprout literally takes confusion and tough out of the process, and replaces it with understanding, love, and quality self care all at a reasonable price!"


PEace of mind

In times of loss, we all want to be there for our grieving friends, offering comfort and long lasting encouragement. Yet, the struggle to find the right words, the appropriate gesture, or the perfect gift can often leave us feeling helpless and overwhelmed. That's where Upsprout comes in – a beacon of support and care in the midst of grief.

We understand how tender those check-in calls can be and just how gut wrenching it is to see someone you care about in so much pain as they navigate the tumultuous waves of grief. That's why we're introducing Now & Later Grief Support Gift Boxes – a generative way to show unwavering support to help alleviate the isolation and disconnection that comes after loss. 

Be THAT friend...the one who shows up in the most meaningful way!

You're in the right place.

Let's be honest. Some words are just better than others in times of grief. Use these five (5) failproof expressions to bring comfort to grieving hearts. 

Top Five (5) Phrases To Say During Tender Moments

Free guide

Top 5 Phrases for Tender Moments 


Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.

— rumi

"...this care package could not have come on a better night."

— Happy Recipient

"My friend did something really awesome"





Loss of a parent, grandparent, or other loved one

A miscarriage or still birth

A decline in health or prolonged chronic illness

To encourage a new or longterm caregiver 

A decline in health or prolonged chronic illness

Pet Loss

For anyone in need of a pick me up

When to send an Upsprout Box...

Send an upsprout box

Why do I need a subscription? / Why send more than one box?

Because grief doesn’t go away overnight! In the event of a loss, for example, there may be a funeral, flowers, dinner drop-offs and a lot of outreach that first week. Yet the pain and grieving process takes much longer to work through.

By sending a loved one multiple Upsprout boxes over the course of several months, you’re providing ongoing love, care, hope, and support.

It will also provide new conversation prompts and more opportunities to check in on your friend. Each box that shows up on their doorstep makes an impact!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a special request or customize my Upsprout box?

You sure can! Simply send us an email at with the details of your request and we will curate your gift box with custom pricing. 

What is your return/refund policy?

As these are multi-item gift boxes (not sold as individual items), we do not offer returns or refunds, unless an item was missing or damaged upon arrival. If that’s the case, please email us at and we’d be happy to help find a solution. 

What is your shipping policy?

We happily offer free U.S. shipping. All orders ship within business 3 business days, via USPS Priority Mail, allowing time for personalization. From the time of shipping, orders typically arrive within 1-3 business days. Subsequent subscription boxes are billed on the same day of the month as the initial purchase and mailed on or around the 15th of each month.

What if an item in my box arrives broken or damaged?

In the event an item is damaged in transit, the item is eligible for replacement. We will do our best to replace it with the same/similar item. Please keep in mind, an exact replacement might not be available, as we keep limited stock of each item.

To receive a replacement for a damaged product:
please notify us at within 24 hours of delivery of your Upsprout box.

The recipient can keep and dispose of the damaged product. We will ship a replacement item within 7 days.

COntact us

Send us a message and an Upsprout Concierge will reply within 2 business days to answer any questions or concerns. 

Got more questions?